Vortex Mixing Technology

Plough Shear Mixer

Plough Shear Mixer Features

Standard Features

20L to 20000L capacity

Stainless steel wetted parts

Feed nozzle

Dust nozzle

Manually operated or pneumatic operated flap valve

Safety limit switch on inspection door

Plough agitator for center discharge

Packing seal

Available in all grades of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Plough shear mixer is particularly good at handling bulk powder in dry / dry solids, dry / wet paste, and wet-wet mass of food additives, mortar, fertilizing, sludge, plastic, and special building material. The powerful shearing effect makes it high efficiency, and good mixing result.

Optional Features

Optional Teflon coated internals for food and sticky material applications

Optional wear resistant linear plates provided for abrasive products

Jacketed construction available for steam and cooling applications
Wetted parts of carbon steel, stainless steel SUS 304, Stainless steel SUS 316 and special alloys
Vacuum or pressure construction
Sanitary type construction
Cover openings as required Spherical, Flush Type Ball and paddle discharge valves
Horsepower to suit higher density materials
Explosion-proof or washdown motors and controls Controls such as inverters, motor starters, and operator stations are available
Electronic or mechanical soft start control systems
Spray nozzles for liquid introduction
Lump breakers for solids or agglomerates size reduction
Dimpled or baffled jackets for heating or cooling
Thermocouples for temperature readout Special gasket materials such as Viton are available Lantern rings for stuffing boxes